Monday, July 7, 2008

Top 10 M 2008 Moments

In no particular order...
— Katy's Napkin Fire at Dinner.
— SMead's Great Fashion Finds.
(Her jumpsuits/rompers. One even features a butt ruffle or jumpsuit bustle.)
— Coke Float Martinis with Bill and Ann.
— The 5 hours we spent in TOXXXIC INK getting our M cult tattoos.
— John's Animal-Themed B-Day Party.
— Getting a compliment and nod of approval on our table from Johnny Parker. (Quite a turn-around from the first time I met him. Within 20 minutes of arriving in Greensboro, I was deemed "Dumbass" and Charlotte was deemed "Dipshit" by Johnny as we struggled to install a window unit.)
— Random outbursts of song during our car rides. (4 Non Blondes)
— Our near-death experience at the rodeo.
— Our covert, "Catfish in the pond tonight" activities.
— Hanging out with all the cool people of Greensboro and our advisors.

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