Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Something Yet Nothing

This is a simple life-size illustration of my fridge.
Most people would dismiss these items as "nothing" to eat.

Draw nothing.

The third application requirement of Project M: Draw nothing. (This doesn't mean send a blank sheet of paper.) I was stumped for a bit, but  embroidered sampler inspired by two quotes.

The human brain tends to think along predetermined linear pathways. Such linear thinking can inhibit true innovation and creative exploration. Project M will encourage, and provide resources for, "thinking wrong" to generate new ideas and design directions. 
— John Bielenberg, Project M

If architecture is going to inspire community, or stimulate the status quo in making responsible environmental and social structural changes now and in the future, it will take what I call the "subversive leadership" of academicians and practitioners to remind the student of architecture that theory and practice are not only interwoven with one's culture but with the responsibility of shaping the environment, of breaking up social complacency, and challenging the power of the status quo. — Samuel Mockbee, Rural Studio

I'm curious to see what fellow M'ers submitted for this requirement.